My Best Memories From New Zealand (A Photo Diary)

Hello all,

Earlier this year I went to New Zealand. I had the most amazing time and made some great memories in a country I have wanted to travel to for a very long time. However, while I was over there I made a promise that I did not quite fulfil. I wanted to write daily blog posts. I think I made it to about day 6… I went for two weeks. Anyway, to make up for that fact and to have a place to store some of the memories from that trip, I thought I would compile some of my favourite photos that I captured while travelling. That is it. That is the whole post. I am so thankful to have gone on this trip. It taught me so much about travelling and I am so glad that I got to experience all the things I did. New Zealand, you seriously do have a part of my heart.

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New Zealand Travel Diary: Queenstown Day 5 & 6

Happy Saturday! This post is coming to you all a little later than expected, as I have been so busy! This post also begins our adventures in the wonderful Queenstown. We had a great time in Christchurch, although it ended up being a lot different than expected. It was really quiet and peaceful. It seemed as if people were in hibernation. I know that Christchurch’s peak season is not in the winter, but I did not expect it to be this quiet. Nonetheless, we made the most of the time we had in this city. Although, we certainly spent our fair share of funds on Ubers and Olas. Anyway, this was our next two days, which began where we last left off. Enjoy! Continue reading “New Zealand Travel Diary: Queenstown Day 5 & 6”

New Zealand Travel Diary: Christchurch Day 3 & 4

Happy Tuesday! I am now onto my travel diary for day 3 & 4 of Christchurch! These have been the best yet and have been so enjoyable (and also a little stressful at one point). Basically, the two main things we did both days were pre booked attractions and both lived up to the hype that was surrounding them on trip advisor! The Christchurch Gondola and the International Antarctic Center! These took up most of each day and so we didn’t really get around to much else, but the fun had on both two attractions made up for this! Hope this update is informative and enjoyable! We are having a great trip and I am so excited to see where the rest of this trip takes us! Happy reading!

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New Zealand Travel Diary: Christchurch Day 1 & 2

Happy Sunday! If you were not aware already, I am currently in New Zealand on holiday with one of my closest friends Annalise! We have been planning this trip since about December 2018, so it feels a bit surreal that it is finally here. The trip we have planned is a 13 day trip to the South Island of New Zealand. We begin our travels in Christchurch, where we are staying for four nights exploring, drinking and eating out. We then travel down to Queenstown by plane on the 26th of June. After we get down to Queenstown we have lots of plans including day trips to Wanaka, Milford Sound and Glenorchy and also exploring Queenstown itself. Finally after six nights there, we travel by plane again to Dunedin (located the furtherest south) for the remaining three nights! We then fly home back to Brisbane on the 5th July! Hope you enjoy reading about the details of my trip to New Zealand. I wanted to document the trip in detail every 2 days. Not only so I have a detailed memory of my trip stored in my blog for future reference but also to update my family and friends of what I am doing and how (and every reason why there jealously was well-founded). Enjoy! Continue reading “New Zealand Travel Diary: Christchurch Day 1 & 2”