My Top 25 Favourite Albums of The Decade (2010-2019)

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So, as we hit October 2019 we can pretty much see the decade slowly coming to a close. It was most certainly a very interesting decade indeed. Especially for music. This decade in music has been been quite astonishing, with more music being created than at any other time in history. I would actually love to know some statistics on that. Music is way to express our humanity and to bring us together. The lyrics and sounds that individuals can create, have the ability to echo a profound impact on society. Music has stood the test of time and looking back and reflecting on all that has come before us, is truly something beautiful. However, I shall give credit where credit is due because we have definitely seen some incredible art created in these recent years. This decade has seen the rise of pop to a new extreme, the creation of revolutionary modern rap, the exploration of new levels of R&B and so much more. Continue reading “My Top 25 Favourite Albums of The Decade (2010-2019)”

My Thoughts On Instagram Removing The ‘Like’ Feature?

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Happy Thursday! It is unlike me to post a blog post on a Thursday. However, I thought I would just do a stream-of consciousness and blog about the new update that was introduced for trial in Australia this morning. It has been quite a contentious update which has had many people either wanting it gone as soon as possible or wanting it to become a permanent feature. My thoughts are quite mixed and I want to cover as many bases as possible in this post and hope I can do just that.

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Life Update: My Thoughts On University/College and Aspirations For The Future

As I write this post, I will be finished my very first semester at University (or with my university; trimester). Even though I have only been at university for a short period of time, I definitely have my fair share of opinions and thoughts on my experience so far, and of university life in general. Continue reading “Life Update: My Thoughts On University/College and Aspirations For The Future”

10 Lessons From 2018

Let me just begin by saying; 2018 taught me a hell of a lot of things. During the past year, I have been through the many ups and downs of life, as a newly crowned adult. It has been both life changing and life affirming for me. It has allowed me to both mature and see what things in life were and were not serving my highest potential. To see exactly what needed to stay and what really needed to go! For that, I am very grateful for the year I have had. While there was a few dull moments, it was mostly an amazing year for me that was filled with so much love, friendship, joy and success. However, through experiencing all those things, 10 main lessons stood out from my experiences.

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A Clean Slate

It is 11.02pm as I write to let you know that we are officially starting fresh. To the many of you who have been following my ‘salt currents’ adventures for the past year or so, this quick change may come as a shock. I am here to inform you that no shock is necessary. Why, you may ask? Well this was no easy, overnight decision. I have been sitting on this for a long time now, I have just decided to keep quiet about it. So below, I will try my best to explain why I have made this change and why it needed to happen, in complete honesty. So here is the general situation at hand.

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