Permission To Unfollow Anyone You Want Too


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This a public service announcement. We are already in our fourth month of the year! This year is both flying by and slowing down, with the current pandemic at large. I am turning 20 this year… I know, crazy right. There are still so many things that I want to achieve before this year ends and many goals I still want to smash (particularly the goals around my mental state – since a lot of my physical goals have been put on hold). However, I thought that I would write about a topic that has been on my mind in recent weeks. It came up in my thoughts whilst I was browsing through Twitter, actually. A post came up about refusing to let negative energy drag you down during quarantine (not sure exactly what it said, but it was along those lines – or at least the concept was). It got me thinking; what small changes can I make to my life that can release negative energy that surfaces in a time like this. Continue reading “Permission To Unfollow Anyone You Want Too”

Looking Back on 2019 & Looking Forward to 2020


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We are now in the new year! I am still taking stock and trying to comprehend the past 12 months of 2019, give me a minute! Nonetheless, I was definitely ready to enter another wonderful 365 days of fresh, beautiful experiences. Like most people, the beginning of a new year for me can be very daunting but exciting simultaneously. Daunting because I think there is definitely a great deal of pressure and exceptions placed on you going into a new year (and for us now, A NEW DECADE). A pressure to set goals, change habits and leave certain things behind in the previous year. To add to that pressure, the stress of busy schedules during Christmas and having only a few days between Christmas and New Years Eve can be overwhelming for most of us. And exciting because it’s a new year that offers us a new start, a fresh beginning and the ability to reinvent ourselves. Essentially, it symbolises transformation and growth and I think that is why so many of us resonate with the idea of stepping into the new year! Continue reading “Looking Back on 2019 & Looking Forward to 2020”

In-Depth First Impressions Of Harry Styles’ ‘FINE LINE’

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After months of waiting (not so patiently) for this release, it’s finally here! Harry Styles has released his heavily anticipated second album FINE LINE. Now, when I tell you this was my most anticipated release of 2019, I mean it. Harry Styles is one of my many inspirations and idol figures. He embodies everything I aspire to be. He values kindness, respect and inclusion and I think these values get lost sometimes in the music industry, as it gets more and more saturated. He does not involve himself in drama, stays relatively off social media, values his close friends and lives his best and most authentic life. I think everyone can take a few pointers from that, especially going into the new year of 2020 in 2 weeks time! So what better way than to celebrate Harry and this album than to do a full in depth review (exactly like my review of Lover).

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How Important Is Representation in Music and Film?

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Representation. Representation? What exactly does that mean to me? Well, representation to me, is to be seen. In film and music this involves how a community is portrayed through the two mediums. When strong representation is said to exist, there will likely be different and diverse storylines being told about people of all diverse nationalities, ethnicities, religions, sexualities, genders and more. Additionally, it encompasses showcasing mental health and other struggles that individuals and communities face and projecting them to a wider audience. The concept is relatively simple but it can be difficult for some people to see the clear link between representation and the positive impact on the individual. I am here to explain… Continue reading “How Important Is Representation in Music and Film?”

No, Striking For Climate Is Not Just For Adults

This post hopefully needs no introduction. I am here to write a small essay on why I believe climate striking is most definitely NOT just for adults. Let’s start with a bit of history. In 1963 Martin Luther King Jr. led a march on Washington for jobs and freedom, in 1913 there was a Women’s Suffrage Parade, The Abolitionist Movement in the 1800’s, the March on Washington for LGBT rights and liberation in 1993. All of these historical movements made history and helped change social values by creating awareness. They all involved active demonstrations, protests or other forms of physical movement. In other words, they did not stand still. We are now living in a time where one of the greatest threats to our way of life is from our climate. The climate is changing at a rapid rate and with scientific backing and while public pressure continues, governments and politicians still remain polarized and passive. Continue reading “No, Striking For Climate Is Not Just For Adults”

In-Depth Album Review of Taylor Swift’s ‘Lover’

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If a rock is what you have been living under for the past week, you may not know. However, if you are any regular human with an internet connection, you would have likely seen that Taylor Swift released her new album ‘Lover’, possessing 18 songs about the concept of love and all its various and beautiful forms. As a massive fan of Taylor and her music I was excited to hear the new songs but was worried considering the first two singles released ‘ME!’ and ‘You Need To Calm Down’ both came across quite lyrically amateur. Thankfully, all my doubts were proven wrong, as I simply cannot get enough of this new music! It’s a new, transformative era of Taylor Swift. One that has came about through maturity and as a result of the trials and tribulations undergone by Taylor, both privately and publicly in recent years. Continue reading “In-Depth Album Review of Taylor Swift’s ‘Lover’”

My Thoughts On Instagram Removing The ‘Like’ Feature?

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Happy Thursday! It is unlike me to post a blog post on a Thursday. However, I thought I would just do a stream-of consciousness and blog about the new update that was introduced for trial in Australia this morning. It has been quite a contentious update which has had many people either wanting it gone as soon as possible or wanting it to become a permanent feature. My thoughts are quite mixed and I want to cover as many bases as possible in this post and hope I can do just that.

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Life Update: My Thoughts On University/College and Aspirations For The Future

As I write this post, I will be finished my very first semester at University (or with my university; trimester). Even though I have only been at university for a short period of time, I definitely have my fair share of opinions and thoughts on my experience so far, and of university life in general. Continue reading “Life Update: My Thoughts On University/College and Aspirations For The Future”

Lets Talk: Diversity at the 91st Academy Awards

In the words of Best Actress recipient at the 90th Academy Awards, Frances McDormand “I’ve got some things to say!“. This is a topic area I am extremely passionate about and I certainly have a lot of robust thoughts and opinions to express! Lets start with unpacking what diversity truely means in this context. Today, we are living in a multicultural world where an abundance of beautiful and diverse cultures, people and ideas co-exist and are being exposed to the public daily, than every before, rather than being omitted and swept under the rug. While there is a large amount of work to still be done, we are certainly on the right track in Hollywood! Continue reading “Lets Talk: Diversity at the 91st Academy Awards”

Read This If You Want To Start Any Creative Project

You have always wanted to be on YouTube? A fashion blog has always been your dream outlet for creativity? A popular lifestyle Instagram account has always been your aspiration? No matter what or by which means you want to share your creativity with the world, I am here to tell you why you HAVE TOO, and as soon as possible!

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