My Thoughts On Instagram Removing The ‘Like’ Feature?

Hello all,

Happy Thursday! It is unlike me to post a blog post on a Thursday. However, I thought I would just do a stream-of consciousness and blog about the new update that was introduced for trial in Australia this morning. It has been quite a contentious update which has had many people either wanting it gone as soon as possible or wanting it to become a permanent feature. My thoughts are quite mixed and I want to cover as many bases as possible in this post and hope I can do just that.

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Life Update: My Thoughts On University/College and Aspirations For The Future

As I write this post, I will be finished my very first semester at University (or with my university; trimester). Even though I have only been at university for a short period of time, I definitely have my fair share of opinions and thoughts on my experience so far, and of university life in general. Continue reading “Life Update: My Thoughts On University/College and Aspirations For The Future”

Lets Talk: Diversity at the 91st Academy Awards

In the words of Best Actress recipient at the 90th Academy Awards, Frances McDormand “I’ve got some things to say!“. This is a topic area I am extremely passionate about and I certainly have a lot of robust thoughts and opinions to express! Lets start with unpacking what diversity truely means in this context. Today, we are living in a multicultural world where an abundance of beautiful and diverse cultures, people and ideas co-exist and are being exposed to the public daily, than every before, rather than being omitted and swept under the rug. While there is a large amount of work to still be done, we are certainly on the right track in Hollywood! Continue reading “Lets Talk: Diversity at the 91st Academy Awards”

Read This If You Want To Start Any Creative Project

You have always wanted to be on YouTube? A fashion blog has always been your dream outlet for creativity? A popular lifestyle Instagram account has always been your aspiration? No matter what or by which means you want to share your creativity with the world, I am here to tell you why you HAVE TOO, and as soon as possible!

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How Sending Compliments To 125 Friends Changed Me!

As you read the title of this piece you may be wondering why exactly I decided to undergo this activity. It was pretty simple, all you have to do is look at the statistics. If you are reading this as an Australian teenager aged between 18-24, you are now in the age bracket that has the highest probability of possessing a mental heath problem. So much so, that 1 in 5 adolescence are said to be affected by mental health issues (Black Dog Institute). It doesn’t take an expert to acknowledge that those statistics are extremely alarming. In addition, that statistic is likely to be even higher if you come from a community or group that is actively or formerly discriminated against. For example, Indigenous Australians. Men’s mental health is also significantly underrepresented in media, due to a very low percentage of men actually speaking up due to a number of reasons. In turn, leading to a very toxic cyclical pattern that is difficult to break.  However, every individual has their own set of circumstances and mental heath is not discriminatory, and can affect absolutely anyone no matter the status, age, colour, creed or ethnicity.

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