An Interview With: Tiffany Lea Zimmermann (ZimmyLifestyle)

Millennials; Changing The Game One Post at a Time


This is now the second post in my new series on Millennial creatives changing the online game! My first post was a huge success, and was one of the most viewed posts I have had in a long time. I appreciate that people were able to gain an understanding of the aim of this series and can now further appreciate the talents of these wonderful people who I interview. If you still weren’t sure as to exactly what that aim is; it is basically a series where I interview a range of millennial creatives, working in the online world through blogs, social media, youtube etc, in order to showcase the truth of this industry and how there is so many inconsistencies with peoples perception of these jobs. It is time people start to take them seriously and for exactly what they are worth, which is A LOT! Continue reading “An Interview With: Tiffany Lea Zimmermann (ZimmyLifestyle)”

An Interview With: Annalise Wood

Millennials; Changing The Game One Post at a Time

This post marks the offical first post in my ‘millennials; changing the game, one post at a time’ series. I am really happy and proud to be showcasing the many online creatives that inspire me, and even more excited that my very first interviewee is one of my closest friends Annalise Wood. Annalise is not only a close personal friend but a ‘youtuber’. She creates content and does on the platform as a job. The job that so many young people of today dream of, is the reality of this inspiring young creative. Thus, I thought I would begin with someone in my personal circle who is doing amazing creative work in the digital realm, because why not? Continue reading “An Interview With: Annalise Wood”