Reviewing The TV Series I Watched In Quarantine

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As restrictions begin to ease in Australia and people are starting to get back to certain parts of their livelihoods I thought I share some of the entertainment I have consumed during the past 2 months in isolation – and boy, have I consumed a lot. I thought I would start by sharing the TV series I consumed over the past two months and then write a separate post on the films. Quarantining has allowed me to really immerse myself in lots of entertainment mediums and I have found some new favourites in all categories from my many late-night binges. Here are all those series I watched, rated and reviewed: Continue reading “Reviewing The TV Series I Watched In Quarantine”

Oscar Best Picture Nominees 2020: My Thoughts and Reviews


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AWARD SEASON. If you know me, you know this is my favourite time of the year! It is the time I find some of my favourite movies and get really critical on what I like and don’t like in film. It is a time where we reflect and give praise to the best in film and TV from the past year. 2019 was a pretty dry year for me, in that I did not spend a great deal of my time watching movies or TV. My number of movies watched during the year was down significantly from 2018. I am not really sure why if I am honest, I guess not as many movies took my interest as they have previous years and those which I did, were often those which I found out about after their cinematic release. However, just because my year in film wasn’t as exciting, that doesn’t discount the great year in film that was had in 2019. Continue reading “Oscar Best Picture Nominees 2020: My Thoughts and Reviews”

10 Reasons Why You Should Be Watching HBO’s ‘Euphoria’

There is a new show in town and it is commonly known as ‘Euphoria’ and I am just slightly obsessed with it! The new HBO Drama created by Sam Levinson, stars Zendaya, Jacob Elordi and Hunter Schafer. It also features a stunning supporting cast of actors, which for many, is their first mainstream appearance! The show deals with a multitude of themes throughout its 8 episode run, including but not limited to; sexual repression, violence, substance abuse, depression & other mental illnesses and gender identity. It is a groundbreaking and confronting series for many reasons and breaks a lot of traditional barriers that previously produced teenage-themed shows did not engage with. Continue reading “10 Reasons Why You Should Be Watching HBO’s ‘Euphoria’”

Movie & TV Wrap-up: June 2019

Today I am coming to you with my movie and TV wrap-up for June 2019, which is about a week behind us at this point. The reason I am writing this post so late in the next month is because as you probably saw, I was in New Zealand from the 22nd of June to the 5th July! Onto the movies and TV shows though. This past month was a great month for the big and small screen, which produced some really engaging, emotionally powerful and fun productions! It was definitely far better than last months catastrophe-of-a-month. I won’t ramble on about my pointless generalised opinions though – instead I will delve right into the juicy opinions on this months best and worst of film and TV. Continue reading “Movie & TV Wrap-up: June 2019”

Movie & TV Wrap-up: April-May 2019

Happy June. Can I just start by giving an apology and reason for why I have been so inactive on here lately. For starters; I have been so busy with university. It is the end of the semester (as you read this, I will have finished the semester and all my exams completely) and I have just been studying and getting my life in order. In my spare time I have been catching up on some movies and TV shows rather than blogging, which for the purpose of this post is a good thing. Basically I have been really wanting to start up monthly wrap up reviews of the movies and TV shows I get around to watching during each month (or in this case, the past two months). I used to do this series on my other blog Salt Currents, but stopped and began to do small reviews on my instagram stories, which ended up being way more successful than I had anticipated. I always got messages from people asking for recommendations and wanting to discuss movies or series with me, which I loved! However, it just got a bit hard to keep them all in one place, as my highlights were getting crammed from so many reviews. So instead, I have decided I will start writing short reviews here on my blog again. Continue reading “Movie & TV Wrap-up: April-May 2019”

One Lesson I Learnt From Each Avenger #ThankYouAvengers

It has been over a month now since I attended an advanced screening of Avengers Endgame. Over a month since I saw the final Avengers movie. I think that I am still in mourning, but also just loving being surrounded by the hype all over the media for the Marvel Cinematic Universe right now! Does anyone else love watching or reading something during its prime time/hyped up period of release? Continue reading “One Lesson I Learnt From Each Avenger #ThankYouAvengers”

Movie Review: Avengers Endgame

The day of April 24th finally came around and boy was it an emotional one! I hope that you are making your way to this review after actually watching the movie as you read this, otherwise you WILL be spoiled. I want to break this up into a few parts; starting with the plot and my thoughts on it and then go into the bad and the good, with my final rating of course being at the end. Before I continue, I would just like to say that this movie was everything I could possibly want and more. It was a beautiful ending to an incredible era in film. The end of the Avengers marks the biggest moment in cinematic history for me personally in my 18 years of life. It was extremely emotional to see most of these characters for the last time, and I honestly am so proud to be a fan of such an incredible story. I also consider this the best superhero movie I have ever seen! However, I still did have some minor and major issues with parts of this movie, which I will discuss below! Here are my thoughts on ‘Avengers: Endgame’

Continue reading “Movie Review: Avengers Endgame”

Movie Review: Captain Marvel

Another Marvel movie down. On the night of Wednesday 6th March, I went to one of the advanced screenings for Captain Marvel. The film that lays out the foundational backstory of a new (yet also old) edition to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The basic premise of the film revolves around Carol Danvers, a former Air Force Pilot turned ‘warrior hero’. The plot follows Danvers in her attempt to recover lost memories of past life, prior to her superhuman transformation. With Brie Larson as the leading lady, she delivers a gripping performance. Continue reading “Movie Review: Captain Marvel”

My Oscar’s Best Picture Reviews & Thoughts

With the Oscars done and dusted, we are now officially at the end of awards season. A sad reality for movie and music lovers like myself, but also exciting as it means we are truely ready to move from the best of 2018, to the new year of movies and music! With particular focus on the Oscars, I set myself the task of watching all eight of the ‘Best Picture’ nominated films, and from that I have quite a few thoughts to share. Continue reading “My Oscar’s Best Picture Reviews & Thoughts”

10 Movies Every Teenager Must Watch!

Teenage Angst. One of the most common tropes in film. That feeling of misunderstanding and a lack of belonging. The many emotions that come with being young. It is painfully hard to watch when conveyed poorly, but ever so beautifully relatable if done well. I think, in my opinion, these ten movies get it right. They each do something different, in a way that manages to make them unique and a beautiful portrayal of the many adversities and challenges that accompany being young and the feeling of invincibility or emptiness in a world that constantly pushes back and forth against us. Only few mediums can portray this in a way that resonates and when done right, film is by far my favourite!

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