Reviewing The TV Series I Watched In Quarantine

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As restrictions begin to ease in Australia and people are starting to get back to certain parts of their livelihoods I thought I share some of the entertainment I have consumed during the past 2 months in isolation – and boy, have I consumed a lot. I thought I would start by sharing the TV series I consumed over the past two months and then write a separate post on the films. Quarantining has allowed me to really immerse myself in lots of entertainment mediums and I have found some new favourites in all categories from my many late-night binges. Here are all those series I watched, rated and reviewed: Continue reading “Reviewing The TV Series I Watched In Quarantine”

My Grammy Hopes & Predictions 2019/20


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So basically I am not going to lie to you. I was under the impression that the Grammys were much later than today! I had hoped to write this post as the date was approaching… although my first mistake was failing to actually check the date that the ceremony was being held. Nonetheless, I will keep this short, because all I really want this post to be is a place that has my hopes for the 2020 Grammys and who I would love to see win, before the winners are actually announced. Continue reading “My Grammy Hopes & Predictions 2019/20”

In-Depth First Impressions Of Harry Styles’ ‘FINE LINE’

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After months of waiting (not so patiently) for this release, it’s finally here! Harry Styles has released his heavily anticipated second album FINE LINE. Now, when I tell you this was my most anticipated release of 2019, I mean it. Harry Styles is one of my many inspirations and idol figures. He embodies everything I aspire to be. He values kindness, respect and inclusion and I think these values get lost sometimes in the music industry, as it gets more and more saturated. He does not involve himself in drama, stays relatively off social media, values his close friends and lives his best and most authentic life. I think everyone can take a few pointers from that, especially going into the new year of 2020 in 2 weeks time! So what better way than to celebrate Harry and this album than to do a full in depth review (exactly like my review of Lover).

Continue reading “In-Depth First Impressions Of Harry Styles’ ‘FINE LINE’”