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I’m Josh, a 20 year old Virgo from the Golden Coast of Australia. Living in a location so abundant and rich in natural beauty, has meant full-time access to a great variety of creative elements. From beaches to rainforests to urban cityscapes, I have been surrounded by inspiration my whole life. From a young age, it sparked my love for adventure, travel, photography & film and literature.

As I grew up, those former hobbies manifested into a desire to create professionally in the entertainment industry – so this blog is that first step. I was lucky to have grown up around other creatives following creative career paths so inspiration was in no shortage. It wasn’t until i discovered the world of online blogging when my life changed forever. A free platform to consolidate all my creative ventures and ideas? Sold!

Wave of Salt is a contemporary blog & portfolio to share my love of the arts.  It is aimed to share moments and express ideas, inspire and everything in between. You should expect to see lots of content based around the categories of Film & TV, Lifestyle, Music, Advice, Travel, Books and Personal Opinion on topics and items I feel I have something to say about! Disclaimer: I have a lot of opinions.

The journey from beginning to now was tedious and I am still very much a beginner but with a growth mindset and a drive to connect, create and express myself, I can’t see myself ever giving it up.

– Joshie