Soundtrack To March

Hello all,

I haven’t done a music post for a LONG time, so I thought what better time to make a monthly soundtrack post than now! New music has been rapidly flooding into my Spotify playlists recently with so many new albums and singles being released over the past couple of months of 2020. There is also some incredible music from some incredible artists, that is yet to be released during this upcoming month. Nonetheless, I am intrigued to get some new songs for my playlists and hopefully inspire you to add some too! Enjoy these ten I have chosen to include!

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Down for You – Cosmos Midnight (Ft. Ruel)


As with every song Ruel is on, I fall in love with it. His voice is quite literally music to my ears. He has controlled vocals well beyond his age and it comes through in each piece of music he lends his voice too. Additionally, Cosmos Midnight has this really exciting mix of bubblegum electronic production. Together, this song is a perfect collaboration. Down for You is a perfect uplifting song for a hot summer day.

Beautiful Faces – Declan McKenna

Declan McKenna is an artist I only discovered recently (as in this year)! I am ever so glad that I did find him because the stories he tells through his music are so vibrant. This song, in particular, is bright, positive and upbeat. His music is relatable and is the perfect addition to a soundtrack of contemporary artists redefining genres. Fans of Wallows, The Hunna or The Wombats would likely enjoy his music (although that is definitely not exclusive)

Reasons – San Cisco


San Cisco’s new song ‘Reasons’ puts a fresh spin on the San Cisco I knew and loved in 2014. It is a song that you can dance and jump around to. With more electric production, it is a great way to set up for their upcoming album. The Australian trio has such a unique sound in the Australian music industry which has a great deal of very similar-sounding acts! This song lives up to their reputation.

Only The Young – Taylor Swift (featured in the Miss Americana documentary)


After watching the Miss Americana documentary I feel in love with this song. The meaning behind it, the lyrics and Taylors vocals make this song so perfect. It is a really empowering song for young people. It empowers them to take hold of their own power and never stand down from their values and beliefs (a theme common throughout the actual documentary too). Highly recommend both the song and the documentary, whether you have preconceived ideas of Taylor Swift or not. I guarantee it will challenge them all.

No Time To Die – Billie Eilish


Another stunning James Bond theme song and by Billie Eilish who is taking the world by storm! In typical Billie Eilish style, it’s both dark and intriguing. It’s a soft and gentle song and eventually comes to a crescendo where her vocal ability is on full display. It is a truly beautiful and powerful song for one that is sung so delicately. It is different and unique like Billie herself, which makes this song that extra bit special.

Boss Bi*ch – Doja Cat


Doja Cat is, in my opinion, the best new artist around at the moment. She pushed her way right into the general public consciousness with songs that have now become extremely popular on the app Tiktok. Something about her unique, faced paced lyrics and songs, in general, are refreshing. It doesn’t help that most of the time her music is catchy and perfect for a sing-a-long. She is unstoppable and is only gaining ground with each new song and feature. The production of this song, in particular, is crazy good! So much happening in just 2 minutes and 14 seconds. It is an experience.

Delete Forever – Grimes


Grimes is so weird that she is great. Her style of production and song creation is so unique to her. There is no one else doing the music game quite like she is. This song is actually quite different to her older music. It is a sad song and definitely isn’t a club/EDM song. It is rawer and tells a much more delicate story. I think that is why I like it.

Breathe Deeper – Tame Impala


Tame Impala’s new album is another psychedelic daydream. His production ability and vocals which are continually improving, are put on display once more in The Slow Rush. The song Breathe Deeper has stuck with me (as have many songs on the album). However, this song has an energy that unmatched. It bursts with multiple different sounds that work perfectly together to create this 6 minute and 12-second masterpiece.

Physical – Dua Lipa


Pop genius. This song is pop genius. Dua Lipa’s momentum in the music industry is only growing stronger by the day as we await her new album. This song solidifies her position as one of pops new front runners. She has an electric energy that graces every song that she makes and this is no exception.

Together – Ziggy Alberts


A perfect song for unity. Ziggy Alberts can always tell a story through his delicate songwriting and melodic voice. In this piece of music, the theme is togetherness, unity and love. Bringing together those who may have been formerly apart and creating a sense of unity that knows no boundaries and prejudices. To demonstrate how we can all work together for a common cause. In light of the horrific bushfires, this song was the perfect way to show exactly what Australia needs. It’s a beautiful song with a beautiful message and definitely worth a listen!


Screen Shot 2020-03-01 at 3.06.16 pm

E^ST is defiantly a front runner for one of my favourite new Australian artists. She is slowing gaining recognition for her catchy and relatable pop fuelled songs. FRESH OUT OF LOVE is a more retro-style song with very summer feel. It is an indie song with an electronic backdrop, as it is with her discography. She is a unique talent and has a beautiful voice. Something I have noticed about E^ST is that her emotional songs still have the capacity to be uplifting or upbeat in some sense. They aren’t aimed to bring down the mood in accordance with the lyrics but instead to create an elevated mood that goes above any sadness.

– Joshie


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