Summer [loading]… (ft. Meg)

Hello all,

As I write this post, I am officially finished my in-person university for this year! When I say ‘in-person’, it is because I do a course online that runs up until the 24th November. It is a bit of an inconvenience, but it is one unit and I really can’t complain when I have four and a half months off! Unfortunately, I haven’t planned any trips away, mainly because I want to keep saving for bigger travel goals I have for next year and importantly 2021! I am thinking of doing a short weekend away to Sydney over the break, but nothing is confirmed or booked. Either way, one thing I am excited to do is get back into blogging and taking photos! As literally everyone would know by now, it is my favourite hobby and it brings me endless joy! I love to express my creativity and certainly don’t shy away from it.

I recently decided that the first step after my last exam was to do a mini photoshoot with my friend Meg. We had been planning and trying to organise one for so long, and it sort of just feel into place on Tuesday. The sun was out, the sky was relatively clear and there were not many clouds at all! It was the perfect afternoon to head down to the beach and put the camera to work! Mind you – it was extremely windy!

Meg has so many naturally beautiful features but the main aspect I wanted to showcase was the golden freckles! I think they are just the most beautiful feature to photograph because they bring out so much in an individuals face! I remember when freckles used to be a massive insecurity for so many people, until it became a beauty ‘trend’ (that toxic idea still continues with a lot of features on people today). Until it became ‘cool’ to have freckles, they weren’t given the love they deserved. I just hate that idea so much. Nonetheless, it is certainly time to take back that narrative because they are truly so special. Everyone is unique in their own way! I am all for natural beauty and it’s exactly what I love to photograph too! A massive thank you Meg for letting me use her as my model for the afternoon. I had the best time and getting back into photography felt cathartic to say the least. Many more shoots to come during my break!

Thank you for all the recent love and support! I am so grateful that people take the time out of their day to reach these posts. I know it isn’t as easy as clicking a youtube video and to most people it probably isn’t as interesting as one either. However, for those who still take the time. I appreciate you every single day. Happy viewing! With love,

– Joshie

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