Movie Review: Avengers Endgame

The day of April 24th finally came around and boy was it an emotional one! I hope that you are making your way to this review after actually watching the movie as you read this, otherwise you WILL be spoiled. I want to break this up into a few parts; starting with the plot and my thoughts on it and then go into the bad and the good, with my final rating of course being at the end. Before I continue, I would just like to say that this movie was everything I could possibly want and more. It was a beautiful ending to an incredible era in film. The end of the Avengers marks the biggest moment in cinematic history for me personally in my 18 years of life. It was extremely emotional to see most of these characters for the last time, and I honestly am so proud to be a fan of such an incredible story. I also consider this the best superhero movie I have ever seen! However, I still did have some minor and major issues with parts of this movie, which I will discuss below! Here are my thoughts on ‘Avengers: Endgame’

Starting with the plot; I loved it. I honestly found it to be the perfect ending to this era in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. I loved how they kept the original Avengers together one last time in an attempt to bring the disappeared population back. While the time travel was a predictable idea overall, they did it nicely so that it did not seem unreasonable. I thought the reunions from the past and the final interactions between Tony and Howard and Thor and Frigga were really touching. The way they incorporated Dr Strange’s visions of the singular future, where the Avengers are victorious against Thanos, really brought Endgame and Infinity war together perfectly and was a good lead-on from the events that has happened in the previous movie. While I had hoped they would not just take the plot line and use it to bring everyone back, I was certainly VERY satisfied when they did. However, I found the beginning of the movie quite slow and not too much plot progression occurred considering the time it took to get to that point. Overall though, I thought the plot moulded nicely and created a spectacular finale to this era.

Starting off, I will break down two aspects of the film that annoyed me; The main major issue I had with the film was Black Widows (Natasha Romanoff) death and the circumstances surrounding it. My first issue came when her and Hawkeye (Clint Barton) went back in time to collect the soul stone, and she ultimately sacrificed her life in order for him to retrieve and bring it back to the present timeline. While this was understandable as she had no family (other than the Avengers themselves) to return too, she was the obvious choice to let go. However, the manner in which her death was dealt with was sub-par and extremely disappointing. Upon Barton’s return to the present, the reaction from the team is disappointing with limited emotions of shock being shown in my opinion. Mainly the limited mention or moments for Steve (Captain America) to mourn, considering the strong friendship they had. It was disappointing, considering Natasha was basically in charge of operations at the Avengers headquarters, post-Thanos, demonstrating her will to not give up on those which were claimed in the snap. Her refusal to give up on them at the beginning of the film made her death prior to the return of the rest of the team, extremely upsetting and disappointing. Especially during the scene where all the female characters allied together in the final battle, without Natasha! To have no closure or reunion for Natasha was sad, especially considering her status as an original Avenger and the ONLY original female Avenger. It was a bit of a slap in the face. In addition, during the end funeral scene, there was only one mention of Natasha, which occurred in dialogue between Wanda and Clint, whilst discussing Natasha and Vision. This scene was well-done, and gave some closure, but for Natasha’s huge role in this era to end in such a small, simple and insignificant way was very disappointing. Where was her moment in the funeral? And why did Gamora get to return from her death for the soul stone but Black Widow did not?

The second aspect I did not enjoy was Thor’s characterisation during the entirety of this film. I have always found Thor to be a very dynamic and fun character and one of the strongest additions to the Avengers. However, for reasons unknown to myself, Marvel decided to completely change his characterisation for Endgame, and had him become lazy, chubby, unmotivated and annoying. Was he just comedic relief to them? It felt unnatural and really unlike Thor to be the way he was, and so him, along with the whole village concept of Asgard didn’t work for me at all. What I also found odd was that they kept this characterisation throughout the whole film. He did not change very much at all, and it was uncomfortable to see his characters motivations and usual persona be completely disregarded and swapped out for the character we got in Endgame! His characterisation in Infinity War was far superior and that is a fact.

I think It is time to get into those positives (as there was a lot). Lets talk about Nebula! She had a massive role and a lot of screen time in Endgame and certainly became a favourite character very quickly. I have always found Nebula to be an interesting character, but this movie and Infinity War solidified those thoughts and I think she was definitely worthy of the screen time she received. I find her to be far superior in character complexity than Gamora and far more interesting to watch on screen!

Every resolved plot point, every moment of unity, every bit of final development for a majority of the characters was wonderful to watch. However, a few aspects of this movie stood out to me and made my experience even more amazing than it already had been. I will start off with my favourite character of all time, Captain America/Steve Rogers. I truely believe he not only had the best character development throughout this film but he shone through and became the highlight of my experience. Firstly, him wielding Thor’s hammer made everyone in my screening gasp! What an iconic moment in the history of the MCU, truely! Aside from the physical traits, his love for others, strength and determination continues to inspire me and did just that in this movie. One moment, being that end scene with Steve and Peggy (and then aged Steve), will go down as one of my favourite scenes in any Marvel movie and any movie in general for that matter. It felt as if he finally got to be exactly where he wanted to be, and got that finally got his dance with Peggy. He served his country, saved his friends and family and so it was only fitting that he got to go back to being the normal person he once was and live the final years of his life on his own terms. Let’s just say a lot of tears were shed, out of happiness and satisfaction of course!

It was also an amazing addition to have scenes from the past, and being able to see characters of the past. To add, although Pepper Potts was featured briefly in Infinity War, her presence in Endgame was so much greater and more epic! She is truely an iconic member of the MCU and I am so glad they gave her good quality screen time and allowed her to experience these last moments with Tony! She wore the freaking suit Tony made her, which if that wasn’t iconic enough I don’t know what is! It was also really great to see Valkyrie return in Endgame considering she wasn’t present in Infinity War and I absolutely loved her character in Thor: Ragnarok, and Thor offering her his title was a really great moment for the two of them!

I feel I can’t not talk about easily the saddest moment in the movie for myself which was certainly the moment Pepper Potts told Tony “we’ll be okay, you can rest now”. It was such an emotional scene and incredibly well-done! For Pepper to be able to give him closure that her and his daughter were going to be okay was all he and I needed to hear. Such a powerful scene and very reminiscent off Peter Parker’s “Mr Stark, I don’t feel so good”. It only got more emotional during the funeral scene when Tony’s hologram is displayed to Ellie and Pepper and he repeats Ellie’s line “I love you 3000”. So, while I was obviously an emotional wreck during these final scenes, the way they were strung together, was extremely satisfying and allowed some closure for everyone.

Therefore, with all these things said, this movie will go down in history as something truly monumental in cinema and personally I think everyone involved in the making of this era in cinema deserves a massive standing ovation for creating characters and a story that is adored by millions internationally. It has become such a huge fandom, and I am so grateful for everything this phase of Marvel has taught me and for all the memories and escapism it has brought with it. Endgame is truely the best of them all and while it was quite predicable and I had a few minor issues, it was an extremely satisfying and VERY emotional end nonetheless. To see the characters we have adored over this past decade (mostly) get the ending they deserved was a very poignant and beautiful experience. I will never forget this cast or this era, but I am so excited to see where phase 4 takes this universe! Lets just say I loved this movie and the MCU 3000/5!

– Joshie

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