An Interview With: Tiffany Lea Zimmermann (ZimmyLifestyle)

Millennials; Changing The Game One Post at a Time


This is now the second post in my new series on Millennial creatives changing the online game! My first post was a huge success, and was one of the most viewed posts I have had in a long time. I appreciate that people were able to gain an understanding of the aim of this series and can now further appreciate the talents of these wonderful people who I interview. If you still weren’t sure as to exactly what that aim is; it is basically a series where I interview a range of millennial creatives, working in the online world through blogs, social media, youtube etc, in order to showcase the truth of this industry and how there is so many inconsistencies with peoples perception of these jobs. It is time people start to take them seriously and for exactly what they are worth, which is A LOT!

I am excited to introduce the second millennial in the series, Tiffany Lea Zimmermann. I have been reading ZimmyLifestyle (her blog) for about a year now and have always been so excited by the quality of content produced by such a young creative. As someone who is also eighteen, like Tiffany Lea, I find myself inspired constantly by her creative expression. This interview is close to my heart, as I am obviously a blogger myself (clearly not to the extent of Tiffany Lea), and it is always nice to see some relatability every now and again! I hope you enjoy the interview below, and make sure you check out her blog and social media (It is worth it!).

Who is Tiffany Lea Zimmermann?

Tiffany Lea Zimmermann is the 18 year old entrepreneurial owner & editor of ZimmyLifestyle, a successful Fashion and Entertainment based blog. Tiffany Lea has amassed over 100k followers on instagram and regularly updates her blog every 2-3 days. ZimmyLifestyle, is an overflowing showcase of the many aspects her life as an avid traveller and consumer of pop culture. Deservingly, this has also led to Tiffany becoming a frequent attendee of a number of award & fashion shows (Recently notable; The Grammy’s & SAG Awards) which she allows her readers to vicariously travel with her through her blog and instagram, where she documents her experiences! Tiffany has garnered, not only a loyal readership, but a sense of striking uniqueness through the way she creates and the style she has developed for herself. Zimmermann spreads a message of positivity and inclusivity through her creativity and is a name to look out for as she grows even more in the online community, as well as the performing arts industry

The Interview:

1. Could you give a description as to how you started your blog?

I have always been interested in writing and photography as well as editing… and well, pretty much everything necessitated to have a fashion and entertainment blog. My mom always suggested the idea for me to start one, but I never interested (mainly because when I was still in ´regular’ school I was way too shy). As soon as I became homeschooled I created what now is ZimmyLifestyle but used to be « Travel Create & Fashion » (for it’s first few months). It was a night truly out of the blue, I was about to go to sleep and then suddenly I got the idea and honestly just went for it! I didn’t think about it too much (mainly because I didn’t want to lash out) and pretty much just threw myself out there. I merely texted a friend asking for website recommendations, and then it was just about getting to know the tools!

2. What was/were the main thing/s that assisted in getting you off the ground and more noticed in the blogging community?

I have always been highly interested in fashion and have attended fashion-related events with my mother (she’s an artist and designer) for as long as I can remember. I would say that it has helped me be taken more seriously in the beginning. My posts about fashion week have always gotten great comeback! As well as hard work every day and networking for sure. I have always adored visiting other blogs as well (fashion, lifestyle, beauty…) and have created so many bondings over the years! It’s nice to lift each other for a change! So definitely encouraging and supporting bloggers, my friends, and family. Almost everyone has always been very supportive. I haven’t done many collabs, but I have a really good friend in the entertainment industry who invites me for my blog and I think those events helped me grow my blog and audience to the next stage. I’m so thankful and grateful it’s really been a blessing 🙂

3. Who are your biggest inspirations when creating content?

To be honest, everything and everyone I get inspired by pretty much everything. However, less vaguely, social media and fashion magazines are what usually personally inspires me most, as well as art in general! I always have my phone open on notes with ideas I have throughout the day (whether it’s for a blog post on ZimmyLifestyle or a script idea). I’ve been loving blogger Aimee Song and Leonie Hanne’s content recently. As well as Negin Mirsaheli (you can check all my followings on Instagram their accounts are insane!). However, I always try to never inspire myself just on a single thing, to post original content.

4. It is easy to become uninspired and face creative blocks when undergoing the creative process. What keeps you inspired and excited to continue the work you do?

Since I love it so much there’s hasn’t been a time where I honestly didn’t feel like continuing. If I’m feeling overwhelmed I will disconnect from my blog for two days and stay active on other platforms. If I still really don’t feel like posting I will give myself another day as I don’t want to rush content and would instead give post something I genuinely mean and that I’m passionate and sincere about. Music also helps a lot whether I’m feeling tired or just while editing post, it’s always been essential to me! However, I rarely don’t feel like not posting on my blog. Another thing that helps is that ZimmyLifestyle is about all of the things I love the most. I couldn’t write about just one topic, which is why I love ZimmyLifestyle so much. It also brings more people who love fashion and entertainment (mostly) together! As well as keeping it very interesting for me to write. Generally reading feedback also always keeps me going 🙂

5. Continuing from the question above; when you do face any sort of creative block, what way/s have you found to overcome the blocks?

Once or twice I week I sit down with a notebook and brainstorm all the ideas I have for ZimmyLifestyle for the week/month (or any other future related projects). If I don’t find anything I’ll go on social media, storm through a few magazines..! I also pretty regularly ask my viewers what they would like to see next or text a friend for suggestions. Even though more recently I have always had a list of blog post ideas ready to be posted it’s still important to know what the viewers want to see as well.

6. If you had to give a aim/mission for your blog, what would you say it is?

It’s always nice to see numbers because that’s pretty much how you know it works, but I would say helping readers. In any way I can; whether they wanted an opinion on a movie, ideas for an outfit on a night out or to know the behind the scenes of a private event… I have a love and passion for editing and if I can make 10 Minutes of a person’s day, that more than fine by me! Also, that’s all matters at the end of the day, help/give something to the viewer. So definitely helping and entertaining you guys for sure!

7. What is your favourite part about creating content online?

I truthfully love the whole process! From getting the idea to the editing! However, getting messages is what always warms my heart. I still can’t believe the number of views next to each post! I also have so much fun creating my thumbnails as well haha. I always try to lay out content in the most aesthetic way I possibly can, which I enjoy a lot! I recently celebrated my 400th blog post as well, and I’m still having extremely far from getting tired of it! I love the whole process, however, for short, the people.

8. Did you ever have any fear of judgment and hate when creating the blog that made you consider not continuing? If so how did you overcome it?

I always knew that I wasn’t going to be liked by everyone. So no, it didn’t strike me at first when I created it. Of course over the years I have received quite the amount of disgusting comments, and realized a bit brutally was I was getting myself into. However, at the end of the day, my love for what I’m doing is still way stronger, and I truthfully don’t see that ever changing. I’m also happy to say that the amount of negative feedback that I get compared to positive ones is almost nonexistent! So that’s always what I try to look up to.

9. If you could give one piece of advice to anyone wanting to start an online creative space such as a blog, what would you say?

You have to write about things you are genuinely passionate about. Because if you aren’t excited about it, who will be? You also have to be ready to invest much time in it. Because, in my opinion, you either do it a hundred percent or not at all. I know everyone says that but honestly, being consistent is essential (in my opinion posting at least once a week is essential/few times a month if the post is exceptionally high quality). Moreover, finally, have fun doing it! Don’t overthink it too much and do your research.

10. In today’s society, many people do not seem to take creative jobs in the digital sphere (blogger, YouTuber, influencer) as seriously. Considering the future is going digital, and these careers are becoming more apparent, why do you think people need to start taking these highly influential jobs seriously?

The digital is the future, literally. People refuse to admit it, but it’s true. In the past couple of years, already so many stores opened self-scanners (like in banks and replacing human jobs with machines). I see it, literally, every day. The world is evolving, and we’re getting more and more into the digital, and jobs (like YouTuber are getting more and more common). People refuse to believe that being an influencer, YouTuber.. is a real job. However, even though we don’t have fix paychecks or regular hours, we are our own bosses of a 24h job, every day! It’s hard work. I love doing it and will celebrate the three years of my blog shortly! Although I do need small breaks from time to time as it can be quite consuming. But seriously, if you work and gain money from it, how can it not be a real job?

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– Joshie x Tiffany Lea Zimmermann

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