An Interview With: Annalise Wood

Millennials; Changing The Game One Post at a Time

This post marks the offical first post in my ‘millennials; changing the game, one post at a time’ series. I am really happy and proud to be showcasing the many online creatives that inspire me, and even more excited that my very first interviewee is one of my closest friends Annalise Wood. Annalise is not only a close personal friend but a ‘youtuber’. She creates content and does on the platform as a job. The job that so many young people of today dream of, is the reality of this inspiring young creative. Thus, I thought I would begin with someone in my personal circle who is doing amazing creative work in the digital realm, because why not? I am not only inspired by Annalise’s creativity, but also her genuine love and passion for what she does, and the strong belief in the medium of ‘Youtube’ as a way to share thoughts and ideas! I may be bias, but I truely think Annalise, along with other millennial creators, are pathing the way to the future. These are the careers of today, and I am so excited to be able to witness this progression and transformation into the new digital era! Before we get started, I have created a small bio down below for people who don’t know Annalise Wood. This should allow you to gain an insight into who she is and what she does!

Who is Annalise Wood?

Annalise Wood is the 19 year old video creator and fashion guru, who manages a successful self titled Youtube channel ‘Annalise Wood’ as well as a recently developed vlog channel ‘Annalise’s Life. Annalise has garnered quite the name for herself through her heavily popular Wish and Fashion Nova hauls and other ‘GLAM’ fashion-themed videos, which all have gained over or close to a million views per video, with some reaching as high as 4.2 million. As a result, Annalise currently boasts a large 270,000 subscribers on her platform, which has grown and continues to grow significantly by the day. Annalise is known for her glamorous and unique style, which often sets her apart from other fashion influencers, and is likely the reason for her large and loyal viewership! Through her commitment to two videos per week, while also being a full time university student, she is constantly working, updating and creating. Annalise, also uses her platform to spread her love for fashion and preach for inclusivity and diversity in the industry! In the online fashion community, it can be hard to find one’s unique style and place. Therefore, while Annalise affirms her style is a constant work in progress, her ability to keep up with current trends and ideas allows her to thrive in this fast paced and continuously expanding online industry.

The Interview:

1. Could you give a description as to how you started your channel?

I started my channel in 2015 when I was just sixteen years old. I considered my youtube channel a fun hobby and as such I would upload videos on different topics about once a month. It wasn’t until 2016 that I decided to take my youtube channel more seriously and I began to make movie theory videos that I uploaded once a week. Then in 2018 I began to “grow out” of doing movie theory videos and I decided to focus my youtube videos on my one true passion, fashion. This ultimately led to my channel growing and turning into my career.

2. What was/were the main thing/s that assisted in getting you off the ground and more noticed in the Youtube community?

Being noticed in the Youtube community can be extremely difficult, as Youtube is saturated with lots of different creators making videos about similar topics. This is why I originally made movie theory videos on my channel, as it was a topic that I enjoyed that wasn’t heavily saturated. However as time went on, I began to spend more time on Fashion videos, as I preferred to make these and this assisted in getting my channel more noticed in the community. Ultimately though, it was my “Lowest rated items” series that led to my channel being noticed by the Youtube community.

3. Who are your biggest inspirations when creating content?

My main inspiration for making youtube videos is drawn from Pop culture. I like to see what is currently relevant in our society (in regards to fashion and lifestyle) and draw inspiration from that (e.g. The Met Gala, popular celebrities and what they are wearing and popular/emerging clothing brands, in the beginning of the new year fitness and activewear is popular) I also use Pinterest daily and this often sparks ideas for videos, as my Pinterest feed is full of creative outfits and photos. I am also now lucky enough to be able to draw inspiration from my subscribers! I often receive DM’s or comments requesting youtube videos, which is super helpful, especially if I am going through a creative block.

4. It is very easy to become uninspired and face creative blocks when undergoing the creative process. What keeps you inspired and excited to continue the work you do?

I think it’s the love for what I do that keeps me going. I know that I am very lucky to be able to be making fashion videos for a community that loves them, so this continues to inspire and excite me every single day.

5. Continuing from the question above; when you do face any sort of creative block, what way/s have you found to overcome the blocks?

I am actually just coming out of a creative block. This was the first creative block I’ve had since starting my Youtube channel and I found it quite difficult to overcome. However exercising, hanging out with people that inspire me (my friends) and turning to other forms of creativity (reading/listening to music) really helped me to overcome my creative block as these activities helped to clear my mind.

6. If you had to give a aim/mission for your blog, what would you say it is?

My aim when creating youtube videos is to help people to find their own personal style, find which online shops are reliable and worth their money and most importantly to inspire people to feel confident in their day to day outfits and themselves.

7. What is your favourite part about creating content online?

I love having the ability to be creative every single day, whilst having lots of fun and following my passion. It often feels like I’m living a dream!

8. Did you ever have any fear of judgement and hate when creating your blog that made you consider not continuing? If so how did you overcome it?

Yes, I often struggle with receiving hate and judgement online. There have been many times that I have received an abundance of hate for no particular reason and have considered stopping youtube altogether, as this can take a real toll on my mental health. To overcome this, I try to focus on the positive responses I receive. For every nasty comment, I receive twenty lovely ones. I also unfortunately try not to read my comments as much anymore.

9. If you could give one piece of advice to anyone wanting to start an online creative space such as blog, what would you say?

To go for it! Every single day I receive messages from people saying that they want to start a youtube channel or a blog etc. but that they are too scared. If creating online content is something you love, then I think you should find what style of content you enjoy making most (e.g. fashion, beauty, tech) and just do it, as it is a lot of fun and something you definitely won’t regret. You never know until you try.

10. In today’s society, a lot of people do not seem to take creative jobs in the digital sphere (blogger, youtuber, influencer etc) as seriously. Considering the future is going digital and these careers are becoming more apparent, why do you think people need to start taking these highly influential jobs seriously?

I believe that people need to start taking these jobs more seriously, because it’s the way of the future. Kids and teenagers are now opting to watch their favourite youtuber online instead of watching television. They’re buying the clothes that their favourite influencer shows them, not what the magazines showcase. Therefore people need to start taking these highly influential jobs more seriously, as they are becoming more and more prominent in our contemporary society.

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– Joshie x Annalise Wood

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