Movie Review: Captain Marvel

Another Marvel movie down. On the night of Wednesday 6th March, I went to one of the advanced screenings for Captain Marvel. The film that lays out the foundational backstory of a new (yet also old) edition to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The basic premise of the film revolves around Carol Danvers, a former Air Force Pilot turned ‘warrior hero’. The plot follows Danvers in her attempt to recover lost memories of past life, prior to her superhuman transformation. With Brie Larson as the leading lady, she delivers a gripping performance.

The movie begins with a delve into the planet Kree, which as expected mirrored just about every other ‘utopian’ planet found in these movies. This is where Danvers has not only gained her training but is a part of an elite group of alien-like individuals, including Jude Law, as the only other visibly human looking character in the group. This group has the mission to retrieve one of their own operatives, who has supposedly been compromised by a group of other alien creatures known as Skrulls. However, in an attempt to retrieve the spy, Danvers is captured instead by these creatures. This begins a intense chain of events that lead to the the real interesting content, as Danvers finds herself thrusted towards Earth in a well… throwback moment for us. She crashes through ‘Blockbuster’, which is likely the first indication of the 1990’s setting that this story exists in.

After meeting Nick Fury (pre-eyepatch) who is, at the time a lower level agent of S.H.I.E.L.D, (No, the Avengers were not a concept at this point); they begin a partnership, while attempting to locate the Skrulls that inevitably entered Earth following Danvers. The chemistry between Brie Larson and Samuel L Jackson is not lost on me, as it directly reflects in the humorous relationship between Carol and Fury, who bond so effortlessly in a way where you can’t help but laugh or smile. The film continuously hints at the 90’s undertones with small references to American pop culture e.g. references to ‘Silence of The Lambs’ and ‘The Fresh Prince of Bel Air’. However, not only through dialogue and props are the references implemented, but through the soundtrack which features TLC’s international hit ‘Waterfalls’, a classic 90’s tune. It not only brings a sense of relatability to the movie, but the retro aspect makes it all the more interesting to watch.

While the film is slow to start, it is ultimately an enjoyable experience, and I am certain any Marvel fanatics like myself, will love this movie! It was so refreshing to witness a female superhero at the forefront of a Marvel film (especially one who is certainly looking like a far superior being in terms of powers, than any other before). Danvers, not only has wit and humour, but she is an inspiring and empowering addition to the MCU, especially for young girls! Considering the mediocre script, Larson still managed to develop a likeable and brilliant character, who’s development across the story is wonderful to watch.

Overall, I think what makes this film so enjoyable to watch is the smaller details which combine to create something beautiful. The lack of romance and it’s replacement with heavy emphasis on more family and friendship was by a great decision by the company. It allowed the story to progress without an overt romance storyline, which often eats up quality action screen-time in most superhero movies. In addition, the representation was also emphasised with Danvers best friend Maria Rambeau played by black actress Lashana Lynch, who gave a short but strong supporting performance, making us feel a multitude of emotions in the space of 40 minutes. Another small, but impactful addition was ‘Goose’, the cat that ultimately stole the show by the end of the film. Keep an eye out for him! Additionally, on the topic of small but impactful details, probably one of the more emotional scenes involved the final cameo by the one and only Stan Lee! It was, not only was a beautiful tribute to see him one last time, but it caused a cry of “aww” from the audience in my particular screening.

As a film for entertainment and enjoyment, this movie ticks all the boxes for me. Although I could still critique some of the scenes due to their trope-heavy and cliche nature, I think the importance of this story and the symbolic nature of this movie, certainly overpower those facts. Following in the footsteps of DC’s ‘Wonder Woman’, ‘Captain Marvel’ truely soars above it’s minor inconsistencies, through the strong lead performance and a supporting team of co-stars!

However, in saying all this, I think the most vital aspect to take away from this movie, is that it provides a really necessary backstory and insight, not only into Captain Marvel, but the origins of characters like Nick Fury, and even a small insight into where ‘The Avengers’ initiative originated from. Speaking of Avengers, the first end credit scene was great and is very exciting for Marvel fans. After all, this story and film have been created to give viewers the origin story of Captain Marvel, and as far as origin-story films go, they did a really great job of portraying this fierce force that is, Carol Danvers!

Now, the wait for ‘Avengers: Endgame’!

Rating: 3.8/5 ★

– Joshie

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