My Oscar’s Best Picture Reviews & Thoughts

With the Oscars done and dusted, we are now officially at the end of awards season. A sad reality for movie and music lovers like myself, but also exciting as it means we are truely ready to move from the best of 2018, to the new year of movies and music! With particular focus on the Oscars, I set myself the task of watching all eight of the ‘Best Picture’ nominated films, and from that I have quite a few thoughts to share. First things first. I personally concluded with my original prediction that the movies nominated this year, while extremely well made, directed and acted, lacked quite a bit of emotional power. While I did shed a tear in A Star is Born and was mesmerised by the final scenes in ROMA, the overall factor of emotional depth was much more prominent in previous year nominees – most memorably last year! I stand by my statement that I only give 5/5 stars to a film, if it challenges me or my thoughts in an impactful way. Unfortunately, a lot of this years nominees disappointed me in that area. I saw far more emotional and thought provoking content in ‘Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri’, ‘Call Me By Your Name’ ‘Lady Bird’ and ‘Get Out’ from the 2018 Oscars. To think in previous years we have also had movies like ‘Spotlight’, ‘Moonlight’, ’12 Years A Slave’ ‘Boyhood’ etc! Thus, in saying that, there was certainly some very creative and beautifully made films nominated that deserve praise. However, some simply just failed to reach the standard I had set for them, after previous years. I am pleased overall with the winners and recipients of awards during the night. The main controversy, like most years revolves around the Best Picture category, which was taken home by ‘Green Book’. I have done my research on the controversy, and while I can understand the issues that have arisen with factual accuracy, I remain with the view that Green Book was a very well made and beautiful story. Below are my thoughts on each movie nominated in the ‘Best Picture’ category, except for ‘Vice’, which I never got around to watching, due to accessibility reasons. However, I will update this post in the coming week after I watch it.

Let me know your thoughts! Did you think any of the nominees were outstanding? Do you agree or disagree with my ratings and thoughts?



Overall Verdict: 4.1/5 ★


  • Extremely believable performances by Bradley Cooper & Lady Gaga!
  • The script was beautifully written.
  • The original songs were the standout for me during the film!
  • Lacked some originality considering the film has been remade many times.
  • Did not blow me away as I expected, but was certainly beautifully produced and worth the watch!



Overall Verdict: 3.9/5 ★


  • Extremely important film!
  • Acting was great, but certainly not greater than other performances in this category.
  • Mediocre story progression that made me loose interest a fair bit.
  • A light hearted take on the events, with some dark undertones.
  • Not extremely memorable.
  • Spike Lee’s directing of this movie was fantastic!
  • The accent situation was not very believably portrayed during the film.



Overall Verdict: 3.5/5 ★


  • My experience with ROMA was a very mediocre.
  • The cinematography and directing was stellar, however other areas were lacking, for me personally!
  • Yalitza Aparicio delivered an exceptional performance for her acting debut.
  • I am a massive fan of using black and white to portray a mood or a period piece, but considering the storyline itself was lacking in action or entertaining progression, I feel colour would of only added depth to the construction of the film and would of likely improved my experience!
  • The last 40 minutes of the movie was the saviour for me, but until then, I felt the story was slow, bland and lacked intrigue.
  • I know I am in the minority here, but I am not going to lie about my experience with the movie just because every critic under the sun has given this film rave reviews.



Overall Verdict: 4.5/5 ★


  • One of my favourite Marvel movies of all time!
  • A huge step in the right direction in terms of representation and diversity in film!
  • Acting was really great, and the characters were developed wonderfully, especially Killmonger and Shuri, who were supporting characters, who really stood out for me.
  • Exceptional screenplay!
  • Special effects and CGI were a hit or a miss depending on the scene.
  • Action packed and really gripping and intriguing to watch!



Overall Verdict: 5/5 ★


  • The only 5/5 I have given throughout the whole awards season.
  • Rami Malek is exceptional in his portrayal of Freddie Mercury
  • The characters were developed incredibly well, which alongside the amazing chemistry that existed between the cast, made for very believable performances and character interactions!
  • If you didn’t know, I always find movies that incorporate a musical element as a primary factor, bring me far more joy than those movies which do not!
  • Delivers some very powerful scenes, that are quite emotional, especially the the Live Aid scene!
  • Although I have absolutely no part in this film, as a moviegoer, I am very proud that this biopic exists and was produced to such an exceptional standard.



Overall Verdict:  4.4/5 ★


  • Really heart warming story of togetherness in a time of racial divide.
  • Mahershala Ali and Viggo Mortensen have an amazing companionship and such great on screen chemistry .
  • While there is quite the controversy surrounding this movie, I still think the movie was beautifully produced and created and deserves to be recognised for that.
  • Slightly oversimplified in terms of the social commentary on race it was attempting to make, but it was still thought provoking and interesting to watch this unique storyline unfold.
  • Started off slow, but I felt I engaged in the plot far more, after the halfway point in the film.



Overall Verdict: 4.6/5 ★


  • Extremely creative in the way it told this story.
  • Directing, cinematography and acting were all flawless!
  • It is rare when you can’t decipher who the main lead of a film is. That occurred for me here. Emma Stone, Olivia Colman and Rachel Weisz were all phenomenal (definitely who I would love to see win a best lead or supporting actress Oscar).
  • I have never seen a period drama such like this one!
  • The costuming was exquisite
  • Would of loved to see some more comedic elements (laugh out loud moments)!
  • There is not much action or movement from the same scenes continuously being shot in. While that didn’t pose a large issue for me, I can understand why it would for others.



Overall Verdict: 3/5 ★


  • Christian Bale and Amy Adams shine in this political drama
  • Can see where a bias argument may come into play
  • The movie and plot itself did not grip me like most of the other movies on this list did.
  • This was American politics, which I certainly would love to learn more about, and while this was informative, it did not manage to entice me to learn more.

– Joshie

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