10 Lessons From 2018

Let me just begin by saying; 2018 taught me a hell of a lot of things. During the past year, I have been through the many ups and downs of life, as a newly crowned adult. It has been both life changing and life affirming for me. It has allowed me to both mature and see what things in life were and were not serving my highest potential. To see exactly what needed to stay and what really needed to go! For that, I am very grateful for the year I have had. While there was a few dull moments, it was mostly an amazing year for me that was filled with so much love, friendship, joy and success. However, through experiencing all those things, 10 main lessons stood out from my experiences.

  1. Everything really does happen for a reason. Where ever you are in life or where ever you are going, it is for a reason. You have been placed in that exact situation because there is something that you will learn or gain from it! Trust me, it may take a while, but it will happen.
  2. Your income does not equate to your importance. Just because someone earns more than you, or has more money does not mean they are any better than you. Never allow yourself to think that importance goes hand in hand with wealth. It does NOT.
  3. Someone who loves, cares and is kind to you without being influenced by a personal, social, political, emotional or financial agenda or something to gain, is important to hold onto. I posted a similar quote on my Facebook the other day, because it is truely such a relatable message. If someone has your back when they gain nothing from it, then often they are the people that need to be in your life.

  4. Contrary to popular belief, you do not have to sacrifice your social life, friends, family or any other important health aspects of your life to be successful. There is precedent everywhere you look, of people who are successful in all industries, and still did and have maintained great health socially, emotionally and physically!

  5. It is important to not only acknowledge the fault of another in a situation, but also how you may have also contributed to the negative situation. We are only human and are certainly not exempt from mistakes. Like I said on a Facebook status I wrote recently, I am always noticing people posting quotes on Facebook that indirectly blame another for a situation whether it be the loss of a friendship, someone not trying enough for you etc. To put it blunt, just lots of people feeling sorry for themselves. Just think, maybe a reason that person doesn’t try anymore is because they don’t think you are trying for them, or maybe they have family problems that mean they can’t always be attending to your friendship. Either way, it is time we start looking inward and thinking about what we may have done to cause something and if there is any way we are able to fix the situation, rather than taking the easy route and blaming another!

  6. You should never feel bad about saying ‘no’. You are not obligated to do anything that you don’t feel comfortable with. You always have a choice. I have now read ‘The Life Changing Magic Of Not Giving A Fuck’ twice now and was gifted ‘The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck’ for Christmas. Both times I have taken away something different. However the basic point remains – if you know in your heart that something will not serve you or will not benefit you, then you should not feel bad about not doing it e.g. going to an event, spending money just to catch up with a friend. In other words ‘people pleasing’. If this needs more clarification and you can’t really be bothered to read the book, I highly recommend the simplified version that the author Sarah Knight does on TedX

  7. Never stop learning. Knowledge really is power. What more is there to say?
  8. If you do not know enough about a topic or do not have an informed judgement, don’t argue or attempt to comment on it. Educate yourself before you make a comment! I think everyone – myself included, needs to work on this particularly as the political climate of Australia has become more intertwined with the younger age group!
  9. Make the most of the situation you are in. Not everything goes the way you want it, but the only the thing you can do is to adapt to the situation you have been presented with. There is nothing progressive about sulking about what could have been when you can make what is, just that much better!
  10. Be so much more careful with the way you consume! Again, everyone, myself included really needs to be more careful with how they consume products and the effect that it has on the world around us! Just being conscious and aware is the first step. Knowing what you are consuming and exactly how it will affect you and your personal environment.

– Joshie

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