A Clean Slate

It is 11.02pm as I write to let you know that we are officially starting fresh. To the many of you who have been following my ‘salt currents’ adventures for the past year or so, this quick change may come as a shock. I am here to inform you that no shock is necessary. Why, you may ask? Well this was no easy, overnight decision. I have been sitting on this for a long time now, I have just decided to keep quiet about it. So below, I will try my best to explain why I have made this change and why it needed to happen, in complete honesty. So here is the general situation at hand.

I will start at the beginning. September 28th, 2016. I uploaded my very first blog post to my very first blog. I don’t think I had ever felt so relieved, considering I had been planning to make a blog at that point for over a year. I know, took me a while. I was so happy that I just kept discovering new ideas and brainstorming projects that I wanted to follow through with. I had my peak for a solid six month period, before I began to slow down on posting. Now flash forward to January 2018, just after my 10(supposed to be 12) days of blogposts. It was at this point that I realised  I wasn’t hugely proud of all the work I had produced on Salt Currents in 2017. I had done a less than desirable amount of photo shoots, and for someone who’s original aim when making a blog was to take photos, I wasn’t pleased with my lack of quality photoshoots.

I am not going to just sit here and say I was lazy with it, because although I could of been more actively involved, I had a very rigorous school year which required most of my energy, and as a result my blog felt bare and lacking any creative initiative or inspiration. Not the feel I was really going for.

However, I dismissed the thought over Christmas and New Years, due to my beaming feeling of content. I was worried that starting over would be the end of the world. Trying to built what I have now, again and trying to improve it would be a difficult task. Yes, it will be, and that is something I strongly considered in determining whether I should start fresh.

Another important point to make is the platform shift. I was previously associated with Squarespace, which I absolutely adored. Their templates are beautiful, so easily customisable and very professional. They are a helpful and very sleek and modern blog and website platform that I highly recommend, for certain types of people. However, there are about three reasons that Squarespace was just not the platform I saw myself with in the near future because;

  1. Price: What many people do not know is that Squarespace is actually quite a financially demanding platform. Due to the professional landscape of their products and aesthetic, they charge a higher price than other platforms, which for most professionals or adults is an easy investment for what you get at approx. $22 AUD for a personal plan (what I was on). For a student still attending high school, just beginning their final and very time consuming year, it just wasn’t a viable solution for me. Although I could afford it, it is simply an investment I don’t and should’t have to make when their are much cheaper platforms (including those with free plans!). Especially, when I have many savings goals for 2018 that could use the extra money that would previously be spent on my blog.
  2. Accessibility: Another strong issue with the platform for me as a young and budding photographer and blogger, was the accessibility. By this, I am talking in terms of how easily accessible are social interactions and opportunities for collaboration? To which, I discovered, were much more difficult when using Squarespace because, for example; loyal supporters cannot subscribe to a mailing list unless you go through a tedious process that requires a P.O. box and more (not accessible for a teenager like myself). In addition, it is more difficult to have people see your work, due to the lack of linking options. WordPress, on the other hand is connected to everything and makes visibility and accessibility no issue at all.
  3. Aim: Aim is me attempting to a find a word but failing. When I say ‘aim’, I mean that Squarespace is a platform that is not directly tailored to the aims of personal bloggers. Like I noted earlier, it is a professional platform, meaning it is much more tailored to professional websites and blogs for businesses. As someone who is not yet at that level their aims don’t align with my own, meaning it is much easier for me to change to WordPress and gain equal to more fulfilment.

So basically, that is why I needed to change platforms. However, you may be wondering why we have changed to ‘Wave of Salt’. The reasoning for this is that the process of changing a domain name over is just quite complex and I would need to pay more money to be able to make the transfer. The reason for this is because I don’t own the name, I basically rent it annually, as that is how you get domain names on Squarespace. So, instead, I thought it would be best to completely change my brand and start a fresh. I hope from this, you can gain an understanding as why I made this decision. It will be better for everyone and I am so excited to continue blogging and doing more photoshoots!

Thank you for sticking by me.

– Joshie

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